ESLOne Cologne - After News

A raccoon is never late to tell it’s story…

… we are just to concentrated on focusing on the community.

Well now, it has been a while, since #ESLOneCologne happened and we have a few things to tell. #RaccoonOnTour

Besides the fact, that we met some freaking awesome people, we also spent an entire weekend together in an awesome house – WITH a pool and grill, how cool is that?

The big meeting day was Friday morning to afternoon. It took as quite a while until we were all together but at the end we managed it fine. Finally we had made it to the arena and the closer we got, the more we were ready for this awesome weekend!

Some of us had never seen each other before. The excitement was big and we grieved for some awesome gameplay.

We met some awesome people, got awesome “tattoos” (done by Nicole Heyduk Bodypainterin) and had a really good time just focusing on the fun and our favorite teams.

And even if #BIG didn’t make it, they’re still the kings of our hearts! Smooyas performance on stage was just way to awesome. So awesome, that you would never think it was his first time live on stage.

Although, someones heart got broken right at the beginning. After #G2 got kicked out by #BIG, Naya had a hard time but kept on cheering and supporting #BIG after all. Good Job!

Coming back to the part of telling, how we met these awesome people. Who exactly did we meet? Well, there were these crazy insects, called Marabunta. Funny people, we had lots of fun together.

But not to forget, we also met the awesome team, that is behind our Jerseys, Snapbacks and Mousepads. Manatee.GG – it was awesome meeting you guys and we hope it wasn’t too embarrassing singing OUR Happy Birthday version. Just for everyone, who wasn’t there, this is what we sang:

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, we hope we will get sponsored, happy birthday to you”

Overall, the weekend was a full success and everyone who missed it on purpose is a chicken.

Thanks for an awesome time people. We love you! See you next time.