Are you a real raccoon?

Alright, so listen up! You’re here for a reason, aren’t you? You want to join a community and for somewhat reason you’ve landed here. Congrats, this might be your new story.

Now it’s to figure out what you really want. And we will help to make sure, that you’ll take the right decision.

Please note: You can always change your decision. We all have multiple stories, sometimes it’s necessary to try different things while discovering your best story to tell.

If you have any questions, please make sure to contact us or to join our TS³.

Staff 5%
Member 35%
Community 60%

Last updated: 23.06.18

» You have to speak the german language.

» Your steam avatar has to be one of our official designs.

» Once joined, you’ll have a trial of four weeks.

» Your age has to be 18 or above.

» It is obligatory to join our official steam group.

» Your TS³ name needs to be similar to your steam name in order to know who you are.

» We take the right to end your membership at any time if necessary.

» Everyone has a life, we do too. Don’t stress out if you have to disappear for a few weeks.

» Courage is what it takes to speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

» Show respect and treat others, how you want to be treated.

» Speak up and do not wait for too long, the issue won’t solve itself.

Now that you’ve read through our information, are you willing to join the journey of becoming a member of Insane Raccoons or do you just want to hang out and find people to play with? Either way, Wrex is always there for anyone!

We’re one of thousands that have build their dream community / organization. But we’re unique in many styles and we welcome you to try out and find those yourselves.

Once Raccoon – Always Raccoon. We’re more than just a community, keep that in mind won’t ya?

Coming together is a beginning…

…keeping together is progress…

…working together is success. 


We’re no big organization (yet) and we might be one out of thousands but listen, this is what we offer if you join us as a member:

  • Family

    If you’ve followed us before, you might have read #RaccoonsFAM already. This is not just a hashtag, we’re family and proud of our project.

  • Support

    InGame, IRL, if you’re a streamer / youtuber or just simply by cheering you up if you had a bad day.

  • inRacc only...

    …giveaways, parties, events and more. Sorry pals, our members come first.

  • Merchandise

    Someone said, members of Insane Raccoons might get the things a little cheaper than usual. Might be worth finding out.