Mostly used for Casts, Special Events, Giveaways and more. Since we do not have a fixed schedule, you will only know who’s going to stream via the announcements on our socials.

The team is split in following positions:

  • AzumT as Crew Management


Follower: 267     |    Subscriber: 63     |     Starting Date: May 2018
Last updated: 14.04.2019

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Car racing to the finest, with bumps and crashes and OH WAIT, LET’S DRIVE OVER THESE SHEEPS!

But besides that, he’s as calm as some cats during the night. Make sure to give him some love!

Twitch URL: iRazer_Gaming
Starting Date: September 2018
Current Follower: 101 (last updated 14.04.2019)

Twitter @iRazer_Gaming

You should think diversity is his second name. If you’re up for something new, you might want to check out his stream then!

Twitch URL: sirmaximus11
Starting Date: January 2019
Current Follower: 108 (last updated 14.04.2019)

Twitter @SirMaximus11

The Bear, the Hulk but not as dangerous, more like Papa Bear! Chilled dude with lots of different ways to make you smirk! 😀 Just watch yourself!

Twitch URL: FoxtrottLimaOscar
Starting Date: Dezember 2017
Current Follower: 88 (last updated 14.04.2019)

Twitter @FoxtrottLimaOscar

If you haven’t gotten a fluffy bear when you were a kid, this might be your new chance to get that little fluffy extra in your life!

He’s fun to watch. And as a newcomer streamer pretty easy to handle. Leave him a follow!

Twitch URL: exzoni
Starting Date: September 2018
Current Follower: 217 (last updated 14.04.2019)

Twitter @exzoni

Be warned! Someone who visited his stream, is now known as missing. If you’re lucky he won’t recognize you lurking.

You might calm him with nachos or pizza. Make sure to feed him enough.

Twitch URL: headmonsta
Starting Date: October 2018
Current Follower: 54 (last updated 14.04.2019)

Twitter @headmonsta

The head, the emotions and the KING of our insane PUBG EU team. You have never seen someone be so freaking multitasking than him!

Try to follow his head while watching his games, I dare you!

Twitch URL: Cuanda
Starting Date: December 2017
Current Follower: 791 (last updated 14.04.2019)

Twitter @Cuanda10

The one with many faces! Being serious when working as Business Manager for the Raccoons but strict when Team Captain Mode is activated while playing in the ROE Team.

But his fully self when streaming on twitch. Leave him a follow! 🙂

Twitch URL: rccns_clu7ch
Starting Date: May 2019
Current Follower: 88 (last updated 30.06.2019)

Twitter @clu7ch