Today is the day…

… exactly one year ago, Nayail and Schnaufy were talking about creating Insane Raccoons and now we proudly announce being one year old! Before we start digging into the past, we would like to thank EACH and EVERYONE of you guys, because without you, we wouldn’t be who we are! #GetWrexed



Happy Birthday Wrex: 

We are looking towards many more years with you guys and we hope that you will always stand behind the project. Always keep in mind: We are more than just a community, we are family!

Have you ever heard the full story?

The first few days were rough. We knew, what was needed in order to start, but we were to less in order to get through this mess. Here’s a little bit of an insight:

May 29 2017
  • We had some new People join the Staff Team: Safira and HeadMonsta
  • Naya started to work on our first website and finished it after 3 days (perfect in time for our launch)
  • We had created our Teamspeak³ Server
May 30 2017
  • Naya created a forum in order to have it ready for applications. (Damn right, you read correct. Back then we had our members apply through a forum)
  • We all worked on many texts, rankings, rules and advertisements
  • The creation of the Steam groups was done and avatars were designed.
June 1 2017
  • We started to advertise our community (We all were very excited and proud to start this project)
  • Our first member “dnL” joined and is up to this date, still a member of our community.
June 5 2017
  • whoop1meister had joined our Community and Staff Team as Head of Esports (Naya and Schnauffy already knew him from before.)

Now we’re here and a lot of things happened: 

We had so many changes, so many newcomers and a lot of difficulties to get through sh*t, but we managed it and we love what we reached.

August 2017
  • Our Steam Community group had reached 100 members.
December 2017
  • After some discussions and different opinions, we had our Branding completely changed.
  • Our current Logo and Mascot “Wrex” was born and designed. (And we all love his cheeky face)
  • We had design our first Jersey. (Thanks once more for this awesome design)
February 2018
  • We ordered our first batch of Jerseys. (In total we had 28 Jerseys, 9 Hoodies and 8 Jackets)
  • Our Steam Community group had reached 200 members.
  • We started our Affiliate Program with Twitch and reached 17 Subscribers in the first month.
March 2018
  • We ran over the Lan.NetConnect with 22 people. (And it was a blast. Lots of laughing, crying and pure emotion during the final of the csgo tournament, which was won by inRacc Orange)
  • Bosco4u joined our community. (We are still very happy and proud to have you in our family. 

New Staff Member:

Of course throughout the entire time, we had many more changes and smaller events that many of you will remember but over all we are very happy that following members had joined the Staff Team and stayed with us:

Stefan “clu7ch” P. (as Head of Administration)
Tim “KillThatFeets” S. (as LOL Moderator)
Dome “BbgDomi” G. (as CSGO Moderator)

Benny “Crank” M. (as Social Media)
Lukas “Saptor1987” H. (as Social Media)


Last but not least, we also have some future goals: 

We always expected, that it is a lot of work to keep a community on going and we always knew, that we would always want more than what we currently have.

Current projects we’re working on:

  • The establishment of the Insane Raccoons eV.
  • Creating our own CSGO League.
  • Launching our own LAN Party.