ESL arrival

As a lot of you, we’ve also been at ESL ONE Cologne 2019…

… and it was a blast! We already had attended the ESL ONE Cologne 2018, which you can all read about here. #RaccoonsOnTour
But this year it was just everything we could have wished for. We were a bigger group, nearly all had their Jerseys and something really great happened on that weekend as well. But more about that later!

Let’s start with the beginning: The Arrival…

Our Head of Community “anch0r” was generous enough to invite our crazy group of raccoons into his awesome house. As we wanted to have the full hype of ESL and not just half of it, we decided to gather together on Thursday already. Some of us arrived as early as they could, others arrived in time and sooner or later we were all together. The welcoming was emotional and heart warming as always. We had lots to say, took awesome pictures with our new Flag provided by Manatee.gg and decided to make self-made pizza. In the end you could see a smile on each and everyones face. We were really happy to see each other again.


At one point everyone went to bed and a few hours later the alarm rang and we prepared ourselves for ESL One Cologne 2019. It didn’t take long until we were on our way. Once more, lots of talking and taking funny pictures while going through a really bumpy Bus ride.

And here we go: Day one…

For me (Naya) personally, it was an amazing feeling being back at the Lanxess Arena. It is an overwhelming feeling seeing all these people that are showing interest in the same things as you. We’ve met a lot of old friends, got to befriend new ones and started to promote our #RaccoonsESL2019 Giveaway which is also going to be announced on our Twitter today 🙂

And what could be better than #TeamVitality getting through the Group Qualifier? At least I saw it like that. But even if they weren’t everyones favourite – my awesome family still cheered for them, as I was like crazy!

Day one passed with self-made burgers and lots of people already being tired quite early. However, we did receive a special surprise, as two other raccoons joined late. Thank you for being so spontaneous xRage_Diam0nd and Time2KillSum1 ♥

And if you couldnt already think about it: Here comes Day two…

Saturday, was probably the most visited day of ESL One Cologne 2019 and also really exciting. The games were awesome, the people were awesome and we enjoyed every second of the that day. It felt like we just arrived at the Arena, when it was already over again. While we were having barbeque, some other special guests decided to spontaneously pay us a visit. And even if it was for a short time, it was still very nice to see you Grillie (+ significant other ♥ )

Day one
Day two

Night was short – but honestly, who needs sleep while you’re being surrounded by awesome people while being on an awesome event? I can tell you – NOT RACCOONS!

The final day of ESL One Cologne 2019: Day three…

We were doing our best, promoting ourselves while just…sorta being ourselves 🙂 It felt awesome throughout the entire weekend to seeing everyone walking around with their Jerseys, seeing everyone having fun and what could be better than that? Right, appearing for more than 3 seconds on the Stream, while 500k+ people were watching. You read right. The Clip can be seen here.

The final games were awesome and even if we wished to see them playing on Vertigo, we were also being very exhausted and most of us planned to already go home on Sunday already. Then it was time to say good-bye. You should think it gets easier and easier each time, but actually its the opposite. I always nearly cry, because I know I won’t see most of them for at least a few months. But we created awesome memories, did tons of pictures and more important, the weekend got us even closer and it feels like nothing and noone can destroy that.

Day three

ESL One Cologne 2019 has ended an week ago, but better late than never you were now able to read at least a little bit about it.

One of our lovely Members called Sunnieh wrote an even more detailed Text (in german) which you can read right here. Please do, it’s awesome and has so much love in it.

All pictures from the ESL One Cologne 2019 will be updated on our Gallery soon. Please stay patient ♥

Thank you all for reading and mostly I would like to thank everyone who made that weekend as awesome as it was:

anch0r – whoop1 – schnauffyyy – clu7ch – xRage_Diam0nd – Time2KillSum1 – Mikaeru – DjBeatfire – HeadMonsta – Sunnieh – Fex – cumback – TakeItEasy – Grillie – Michelle 

and one BIG “Thank you” to anch0rs amazing significant other: Pia ♥ 

Not only did she take care of us, but she was the MVP of the weekend. Thank you once more for allowing to stay in your house! You will always be one of our honorary Members.