Who are we and why are we supposed to be your new story:

First things first, Insane Raccoons was created and started on May, 29th 2017. After multiple tries to be a part of other communities, Desiree “NayailOnSpot” S. decided to create her own. And now we’re here, starting from the bottom climbing to the top in this tiny but immersive world.

We started as a group, being ourselves and enjoying the games we were playing. We like the craziness in people and all of us have that little something you won’t find in another community. Our start was rough, but we’re growing fast and we will always grow further into something bigger than just a community. We’re a family for those who would like to see us as such and we’re an Organization, for those, who participate competitively and need the help and support.

This is what we value:

  • Everyone has a life, we do to. Don’t stress out if you have to disappear for a few weeks.
  • Courage is what it takes to speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
  • Show respect and treat others, how you want to be treated.
  • Speak up and do not wait for too long, the issue won’t solve itself.


Our Management is supportive and always ready to suit up and play.


News are updated immediately after change.


We’re active on our socials, involving our Community Member to their best.


We’re available through different support platforms. TeamspeakΒ³, email & through our socials.


We do not only offer fun players a place but also competitive players and teams.

For further information or questions, please contact us or join our Teamspeak.


We’re expecting to host a new Homepage soon. (estimated release end of March 2020)

Keep yourself updated by following our Socials.



Interested in Sponsoring?

Creating things and keeping up with everything can be exhausting. However our motivation is big and we aim high. If you would like to become a part of something big, make sure to contact us:

Our next events: